Puratos USA is on a Mission to Create “Indulgence You Can Feel Good About”

“Indulgence” probably brings to mind guilty pleasures like Halloween candy, glazed donuts or that chocolate bar you have stashed somewhere for a stressful day. But what if you could indulge and feel good about it? What if you could have your cake and eat it too? 

Puratos is on a mission to turn this dream into a reality. Today, they announced RE-invent Indulgence, their trailblazing approach for sweet goods focused on Real ingredients, Responsible choices and Re-imagined textures.

To support this ambition, Puratos has rolled out a range of products that challenge traditional notions of indulgence: real, clean label Topfil fruit fillings, a new Belcolade Sugar-Reduced Chocolate, a brand-new line of plant-based cake and brownie mixes and an innovative texture collection featuring Steamed Cake Donuts. These exciting new textures, better-for-you ingredients, and field-to-fork fruit fillings, sourced from local farmers prove that taste, health and care for people and planet can go hand in hand.

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