Raised Donut Production 101A

Making yeast raised donuts is a cinch.  Right?  After all, it’s the mainstay of every donut shop, and everyone knows how to make raised product.  Or do they?  It’s so important to stress the basics of making good raised product to your bakers so that the rest of your donut offering has a firm foundation and a chance to really sing to your customers.  And one of the most important basic procedures involves temperature control every step of the way. 


Perhaps the most critical area when making raised product, but one that is overlooked the most, is temperature.  You must be constantly aware of temperature to produce consistently good raised product.  Pay close attention to the temperature of your BakeMark Yeast Raised Donut Mixes, of the room, of your tap water, of your dough, and of your shortening.  Variances of these temperatures will greatly affect the finished product – so be alert!

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