Retail Dietitian Says Inspiration Can Overcome Mealtime Fatigue

How do you describe mealtime during the pandemic? On the one hand, it’s about consumers at home stepping up like never before to embrace cooking and meal preparation. On the other hand, this routine can seem old after a while.

“Mealtime fatigue has set in,” said Krystal Register, MS, RDN, LDN, who leads health and well-being initiatives for FMI — The Food Industry Association. “People are tired of pulling together three meals a day, especially with kids of all ages in the house. So we have the opportunity in retail and baking to help shoppers who are looking for inspiration. Specifically, they want convenient, pleasurable, and healthy ideas.”

Register made her comments on the American Bakers Association podcast Bake to the Future. She was interviewed by Katie Juhl, ABA’s Director of Marketing and Communications, and Hailey Blumenreich, Marketing and Communications Manager.

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