Retro Patisserie Renaissance: The Comeback of Over-Piping

“Icing as an art form? You better believe it”, the Financial Times writes. Hip patissiers are taking over social media platforms with retro cakes decorated with countless rows of pastel frosting, fit for a royal banquet or sumptuous wedding party. After years of naked cakes, we are now seeing a celebration of sponge cake, piping and loads of buttercream.

Nostalgia for traditional recipes

It is no coincidence that we are seeing the re-emergence of vintage cakes – alluding to cake designs from the 1950s to ’80s – now. Our Taste Tomorrow consumer research shows people became nostalgic during the pandemic. That made people revisit traditional patisserie recipes, but also traditional patisserie designs. 75% of consumers like traditional tastes, our worldwide consumer survey revealed.   

Visual aspect of taste

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