Revisions to Standard for Ovens and Furnaces Approved by NFPA

Bakers who are looking to buy a new oven or modify, expand or refurbish an existing one face new process restrictions because of recent revisions to the Standard for Ovens and Furnaces approved by the National Fire Prevention Association (NFPA).

The American Society of Baking (ASB) is urging the baking industry to send a letter to the NFPA to support a temporary interim amendment (TIA 1439) to prompt the NFPA 86 Technical Committee to reexamine the revised regulations, specifically as to how they impact the baking industry’s safety journey. The deadline for sending a letter to the NFPA is May 8, 2019.

Updates to the NFPA 86 Standard for 2019 apply new safety regulations that will require each burner in the system longer than 3 feet to have flame detection at the furthest end of the burner from the point of ignition.  Bakeries would need to add far side burner flame detection to all new ovens or on any major oven burner rebuild. 

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