Ridgewood, NJ Bakery Tries To Build A Better Bagel

Some look like green shamrocks.

At least they do at Wide World of Bagels, which hand rolls them for every
occasion. The Ridgewood stores shamrock-shaped bagels, which they make
throughout the month of March, are its best sellers.

Owners Elliot Cohen, a former manager for Bankers Trust on Wall Street, and
Scott Handler, a former car wash owner, say they plan to form a chain of
franchised specialty bagel shops to compete with established players.

“My goal is to expand the name throughout northern Bergen County, then
throughout New Jersey and then the United States,” Cohen said. “Bagels are
profitable because its dough and water, and you are making sandwiches, and
selling a lot of coffee, which is very profitable, as we all know with Starbucks
and Dunkin Donuts.”

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