Robotic Bakery Revolution

Robotics remains in the early stages of implementation into bakeries and
snack manufacturing plants. Although robots are being applied in new areas,
there are still many processes where robotics could be incorporated in the
future as further advances are made.

“Many bakeries have only started to look to robotics in the past few years
versus other industries that have been using robotics for decades,” said Roland
Lomerson Jr., director of automation, AMF Automation Systems, Richmond, VA.
“However, the realized need for robotic automation is arguably highest in the
food production segment and specifically in the bakery and snack food

Charles Gales, manager of automation sales, Weldon Solutions, York, PA,
contended that robots have gained a secure foothold in the baking industry.
“Packaging applications have been a leader in introducing this technology to
bakers,” he said. “Success in this area will continue to open up new
applications in the processing area of bakeries.”

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