Sanitary Design’s Growing Importance—From Food Safety to Workforce

The field of sanitary design probably isn’t on everyone’s radar, but it plays an increasingly important role in driving food safety, supporting workforce needs, and achieving efficiencies and waste reduction in baking facilities. 

The latest Bake to the Future podcast from American Bakers Association (ABA) delves into the role of sanitary design in helping the industry make smarter decisions about building and operating manufacturing facilities and choosing equipment cleaning strategies. Sanitary design can reduce complexity for employees in executing their work, which is especially helpful in the face of staffing challenges.  

“A lot of facilities and systems were put in place many years ago, before we understood all the risks involved,” said Karl Thorson, the Global Food Safety and Sanitation Manager at General Mills. “Today there’s a greater incidence and understanding of foodborne illness, allergens, and other problems. There’s a lot of opportunity to make things better.”

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