Seats Limited For AIB International’s Baking Science & Technology Course; Every Student To Receive Scholarship

Manhattan, Kansas – In 2019 AIB International will celebrate its centennial by offering a single, premier session of its most well-known course, Baking Science and Technology. 

“We’ve offered this course almost as long as AIB International has been around,” said Brian Strouts, AIB International’s Vice President, Baking and Food Technical Services. “What better way to celebrate our Centennial than to provide a special offering of BS&T?”

This exclusive BS&T offering will allow more participants, which will make for richer networking opportunities. Graduates of the program already join an extensive alumni network including more than 8,000 bakers spanning 70 countries. Read a few alumni stories here.

BS&T is an intense 16-week course for baking professionals who are on their way to becoming industry leaders. The course combines the science of baking with hands-on lab work and baking tradition. Specifically, the curriculum covers how key ingredients function and interact, which processes are critical to finished products, Good Manufacturing Practices for the food industry, and how to best manage production process. Course details may be found here.

Every BS&T participant in 2019 will also receive a $2,450 scholarship. So far, 23 participants have been awarded scholarships. 

“Our endowment fund supporters have consistently shown they are enthusiastic about investing in the next-generation of industry leaders,” Strouts said. “We wanted to give back in a big way in 2019 to show our commitment to the very industry that created AIB International in 1919.”  

Partial or full scholarships are also available for students who are not sponsored buy their employer. Find out more under the heading “Scholarship” here.

The 2019 course runs from January 31 to May 22. Seats are filling quickly; those interested should apply now to reserve a spot. Contact with questions or call +1-800633-5137. 

About AIB International 

AIB International empowers clients worldwide to elevate their food safety and production process capabilities by developing and delivering application-oriented learning, consulting, and value-added services. To find out more about AIB International please visit us at or call 800-633-5137.

Source: AIB International