Silverland Bakery Now Partners With UNFI & Tony’s Fine Foods

Tony’s Fine Foods has long carried our Natural Food Bars as well as our Sugar Free Bars. Beginning this past June UNFI/Tony’s brought in a larger selection from Silverland Bakery, including all of our Specialty Bars.

Our 15 plus, Specialty Bars and Natural Food Bars are hand-made in small batches, using only the finest ingredients. In addition, all of the bars are all-natural, with a very clean ingredient deck. This is a precut half sheet tray program, with at least a 6-month freezer shelf life.

Below is a small sample of the items that UNFI/Tony’s Fine Foods now stocks:

Vegan Crispy Rice Treat, Sugar Free Lemon Bar, Gluten Free Caramel Brownie, Vegan Brownie and our Flourless Chocolate Brownie.

Natural Food Bars – vegan, wheat free, dairy free, not processed by heat and no sugar added, also a selection of these bars is also Paleo friendly:

Flax (Protect), Cherry (Superfruit), Pomegranate Pistachio (Passion), Blueberry Chia (Strength) and Peanut Butter (Rebuild)

For a complete list of all the items and for further information please contact your local UNFI, Tony’s rep or, Peter Wodek at Silverland Bakery.