Staying True to Craft

According to the Taste Tomorrow survey, consumers crave for craft. David Redon is what you would call a true craftsman, after he was trained as a Compagnon du Devoir*. A former Puratos International Technical Advisor and now a Consultant in pastry and chocolate, David assists companies in business development and product improvement. We asked David Redon how he believes the craft trend is impacting the world of patisserie and chocolate.

One of the key trends of the Taste Tomorrow survey is craft. To put it more boldly: consumers desire craft nowadays. But how do you define craft? For David it’s clearly about manual labour. “To me, craft is something that is realised according to the spirit and hands. The most important aspect for me is the person behind the product and his personality. The philosophy and know-how he puts into a product make it something different and unique.”

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