Susgrainable Duo in Vancouver Makes Breads and Healthy Baked Goods Out of Beer “Waste”

With Susgrainable, Marc Wandler and Clinton Bishop are conquering some mighty societal issues: food wastage and diabetes. Their weapon? Delicious baked goods made of beer “waste”.

It took the friends, roommates, and business partners more than two years to figure out how, but they managed to come up with a way to quickly dehydrate malted barley that’s otherwise discarded during the craft-beer-making process. Beer uses sugars from barley, leaving fibre and protein behind. The pair transform that “spent” grain (the brewers’ term defining when they are done with the grain) into their signature “upcycled barley flour”.

The flour is high in plant-based protein and fibre and low in sugar. The two also argue that the product is good for the planet, with approximately 650 tonnes of spent grain produced by craft breweries nationwide every year otherwise being thrown away. Why waste it, when you can turn it into flour and make everything from vegan old-fashioned cookies and banana bread to rosemary focaccia and artisan sourdough?

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