Sweetmore Bakeries Announces Brand Unifying Three Legacy Bakeries

CHICAGO–Main Street Gourmet, Biscotti Brothers Bakery, and Meurer Brothers Bakery have launched a new brand identity for their combined business: Sweetmore Bakeries. Collectively, Sweetmore Bakeries focuses on high quality and innovative products to help customers differentiate their sweet baked goods and improve operations.

Sweetmore Bakeries Chief Executive Officer, David Veenstra, says the name helps unify the bakeries internally and externally. “We are proud to bring together our family of bakeries under the Sweetmore brand. Main Street Gourmet, Biscotti Brothers, and Meurer Brothers each offer a unique history, but are aligned in their shared passion for delicious, high-quality baked goods. While each bakery will continue to operate under its legacy brand, we are thrilled to now have a unified identity to celebrate these shared values and market our collective products and solutions to best service our customers.”

The new Sweetmore Bakeries brand was rolled out in May with a new website www.sweetmorebakeries.com and will be on display at the upcoming IDDBA (International Dairy Deli Bakery Association) tradeshow June 5-7.

About Sweetmore Bakeries

Sweetmore Bakeries is a Chicago-based family of specialty bakeries started in 2019 with Shore Capital Partners’ acquisition of Main Street Gourmet (Akron, OH). Sweetmore added Biscotti Brothers (Greensburg, PA) in 2020 and Meurer Brothers Bakery (Fond du Lac, WI) in 2021. Across its bakery divisions, Sweetmore offers operational solutions and stock or custom products to the retail in-store bakery and national restaurant channels, including cookies, muffins, biscotti, Danish, brownies, granola, icings, and more. For more information, please visit www.sweetmorebakeries.com.

About Shore Capital

Shore Capital, a Chicago-based private equity firm with offices in Nashville, is focused on microcap investments within the Healthcare, Food and Beverage, Business Services, and Real Estate industries. Shore supports management partners with capital, business development expertise, and industry knowledge to accelerate growth, fund acquisitions, and generate value for shareholders. Shore targets investments in proven, successful private companies with superior management teams, stable cash flow, and significant growth potential, including organic growth and growth through industry consolidation. Shore has $2 billion of equity capital under management through various investment vehicles. For more information, please visit: www.shorecp.com.