Texture Maker Introduces Innovative Mochi Baking Mix Brand Chewco at IBIE Food Expo

NEW TAIPEI CITY, Taiwan — Texture Maker, a designer of innovative baking and beverage mixes, is introducing a brand new creative Mochi baking mix brand called Chewco at IBIE – the largest and most comprehensive baking industry event in the Western Hemisphere.

Making its major debut in the food trading world at booth 6378 at the food expo, Chewco will offer more than just baking ingredients and tasty mixes. Featuring cutting-edge technology, data collection, and digital services, the brand’s launch will be filled with innovative solutions for all food sectors.

Chewco aims to be a future-oriented brand by investing in digital technologies and developing AR assistance that will enable experts and partners to directly inquire online which will improve customer efficiency. This new offering from Texture Maker is set to set to launch in the first quarter of 2023.

What to expect from Chewco at IBIE

IBIE food expo gathers everyone in the global grain-based food industry by presenting a broad range of solutions, allowing for each specific market to connect with the key innovations, people, and ideas that present the biggest opportunities for success.

Chewco takes part in IBIE’s event by teaming up with the leading donut-making equipment manufacturer, Belshaw Adamatic, and developing a special formula for its latest Robot V series. Using a krinkle plunger, the robot will produce delicious treats such as the mini-mochi donuts, a first-of-a-kind for the US and mochi loukoumades, a chewy twist on the Greek delicacy.

Chewco has also partnered with iMVending, the smart sampling machine that will present samples of mochi donuts for trial consumption by attendees. In the future, the two brands will work together to develop feedback collection tools that will allow baking professionals to provide products that precisely match the tastes and preferences of their customers.

“IBIE is a great opportunity to connect with the industry and share innovative ideas, and Chewco’s offering completely aligns with the latest trends in the indulgence sector,” said Tammy Liu, Vice President of Chewco.

Products on Display

Apart from showcasing their state-of-the-art technology, Chewco will also be displaying the original, vegan, and gluten-free products that they are known for. This will be Texture Makers’ signature Taiwanese rice and Tapioca flour items that give a satisfyingly chewy texture.

Visitors and event participants will have a chance to explore other products from the company including:

  • Donut Series – a non-yeast-based mix that’s different from traditional yeast-raised donuts.
  • Waffle/pancake series – Mochi waffle aka Moffle, has crispy crusts, and a chewy texture, and plays with the trendy mochi mouthfeel.
  • Snack series – This snack series is flexible with fillings covered with chewy mochi skin, or snack-lovers can enjoy it by frying it in a Hawaiian-style malasada with an added mochi chewy texture.
  • Select series – Chewco’s most unique product, consists of ready-to-eat Konjac Jelly Boba and Mini Q that is suitable as dessert toppings.

Chewco aims to be an Industry trendsetter with a team of experienced food scientists that works closely with our customers to create best-selling products which include gluten and vegan options as well as being completely ethical while remaining in demand.

To learn more, visit www.checwo.cowww.texturemaker.com.twwww.taiwantrade.com, and, or follow the company on IG to keep up with the latest developments.  

About Texture Maker

Founded in 2003, Texture Maker Co., Ltd is a designer of innovative baking and beverage mixes. The company has accumulated nearly 20 years of expertise and provides a range of tailored services from supply chain coordination, research and development, plant-based and specialty solutions, and technical consulting. Texture Maker’s products frequently receive awards in international competitions such as Monde Selection and the International Taste & Quality Institute. In 2022, Texture Maker won Taiwan’s GoldenBoat Award under the International Authorized Distributor and Export Category.