The Rise of Fantasy-Flavored Foods

Why The Food Industry Is Moving From ‘Strawberry Vanilla’ To ‘Fairytale Bliss’

The culinary world is entering a new era of enchantment with the advent of fantasy-flavored foods. From ‘cosmic punch’ to ‘Arctic avalanche’, the food industry is moving away from literal taste descriptions and embracing cryptic and poetic product names. But why? Let’s dive into this fantasy flavors trend to explore its origins and its consumer appeal.

In the supermarket tea aisle, we are long used to seeing options such as ‘winter glow’, ‘happy Mondays’ and ‘feel new’. But now producers of sodas, ice creams and pastries are exploring more creative product names too. According to Innova Market Insights, this trend saw a 23% average annual growth rate among new products from 2020 to 2023. Flavors such as ‘rainbow,’ ‘cosmic’, and ‘dream’ have led this surge. They resonated very well with Gen Z and millennial consumers who crave unique and extraordinary experiences.

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