This Doughnut Innovator Can Create Any Doughnut Imaginable

Becoming the world’s best doughnut shop takes three things according to Grant: being the expert, being creative, and being audacious. And this Atlanta native undoubtedly thrives on creating outrageous doughnuts and delighting guests. Leading up to the Thrillist’s mention of Sublime Doughnuts’ A-Town Cream as one of Atlanta’s foods you need to eat before you die, Grant started his baking career in the United States Navy aboard the USS John Young. His experience in the Navy exposed Grant to global flavors each time the ship docked. He also fell in love with the practice of baking and knew he wanted to become a great pastry chef. After serving with the United States Navy for 4 years, Grant attended and graduated from culinary school.

Grant furthered his bakery training while attending AIB International’s Baking Science and Technology Resident Course (BS&T), which Grant refers to as the MIT for bakers. He said he wanted to go AIB to learn the science behind baked goods.

“I learned a lot about other cultures during my time at AIB.” Grant said. “I had really deep conversations with classmates from around the world; which was extremely influential in my career. The teachers are there to ensure that you leave the school with as much baking knowledge as possible. I still pour back through my old guides and notes when developing new products.”

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