Tony Hawk’s SkateCake At Crumbs Will Help Build Skate Parks

It’s hard to imagine skateboarder Tony Hawk as a cupcake enthusiast, but if fans
of his or fans of the baked treats–or both–are game, then everyone wins. Tony
Hawk has paired up with Crumbs Bake Shop to create the SkateCake, a signature
cupcake that is made of chocolate cake with baked-in sprinkles, and topped with
vanilla cream cheese frosting, red and white sprinkles, and an edible skateboard
designed by Hawk.

But the true cool factor comes into play with the reason behind the cupcake, and
what happens to the bucks the customers drop to buy one. As part of a
collaboration with the Tony Hawk Foundation, Crumbs will give the proceeds from
sales of the SkateCake back to the Foundation, which will help build
high-quality skate parks in low-income areas in the US. The cupcake is full size
(and for Crumbs fans, you know that means big) and will retail in stores and
online for $4, of which $1 goes to the Tony Hawk Foundation.

Says Hawk of the uniquely sweet endeavor: “Through developing the SkateCake with
Crumbs Bake Shop, we are empowering ourcommunities to help create skateparks for
everyone to enjoy.” The SkateCake is available now through the end of the year.

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