Tray Loss and Prevention Bill Championed by ABA Passes in Texas Senate Awaits Governors Signature

Austin, T.X. – After months of work by the American Bakers Association, the Tray Loss and Prevention Law in Texas passed in the Texas Senate and now awaits signature into law by Governor Greg Abbott (R).

“The organized theft of plastic trays has resulted in excess of 25 million dollars of lost equipment and countless operational disruptions over the past five years in Texas alone,” said Kelly Knowles, Vice President of Political & State Affairs at the American Bakers Association. “From hiring private investigators, investing in innovation for tracking devices, employee education and incentive programs, this is a huge cost-driver for an industry already facing record high commodity prices and diminishing access to skilled workers.”

“Thanks to the leadership of Rep. Cole Hefner in the Texas House and Senator Bryan Hughes in the Texas Senate, HB 4584 passed House in early May and the Senate in late May,” said Knowles. “HB 4584 expands the definition of trays that are currently covered by law to include all returnable containers, such as bread trays and other containers used by wholesalers and manufacturers.”

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