Ultimate Convenience Through Smart Tech Solutions

With so little time and such busy lives, today’s consumers demand ultimate convenience. They want immediate access to everything they desire, without having to wait or compromise. Buying food online and other technological innovations can make things more convenient. Discover how you can respond to this need for more convenience.

Taste Tomorrow: a step into the future of food
Taste Tomorrow is the world’s largest consumer survey of bakery, patisserie and chocolate. It gathers data from over 17,000 consumers in 40 countries and offers fresh insights about health, taste, convenience, experience, digital and more. The latest survey reveals nine key worldwide trends. One of these trends is ‘ultimate convenience’.

Always having what you want, when you want it
Today’s consumers have little spare time, so convenience is important when it comes to food. It’s about having what you want, whenever you want it, without compromising on the quality of the product. Until now, this trend was mainly about ‘meal mobility’, being able to buy meals to eat on the go, or prepared food to take home. Consumers appreciated finished goods that could be consumed conveniently. This is still the case today but it’s no longer enough. Many consumers want to be able to buy fresh food 24/7. Online ordering and delivery play a key role in this, and consumers expect this to become easier in the future.

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