Universal Bread Slicing Machine With Premium-Hygiene-Design

OBERLAHR. The Universal bread slicing machines PRIMUS 400 and PRIMUS smart with Premium-Hygiene-Design are setting new hygienic standards with their open design and easy accessibility.  Even the removal chute is detachable for the cleaning process. Soiling in the technical area (e.g. due to flour dust) is not possible by its complete separation from the slicing area.
The machines are equipped with two slicing speeds as standard, which the operator can select by pressing a button. In the Eco-mode 130 slices / minute are achieved, in the Speed-mode 220 slices / minute. Even at this extremely high slicing speed, the bread slicers remain pleasantly quiet throughout the complete slicing process. The proven system of sound-absorbing brushes (TREIF patent) has been optimized and modified.
PRIMUS 400 and PRIMUS smart deliver excellent slicing results in the proven TREIF quality for all different sorts of bread (also bread fresh from the oven). The two machines differ only in terms of infeed length and width of the machine. The PRIMUS 400 has an infeed length of 400 mm, while the more compact PRIMUS smart offers an infeed length of 350 mm. With 650 mm this machine is 150 mm smaller than the PRIMUS 400.
High-quality sickle blade-technology: VARIUS
The sickle blade machine VARIUS was especially developed for the international market. The universal bread slicer can also be seen as an Entry-level model or cost-effective Alternative to the Grid Set Slicer. VARIUS has ten different slice thicknesses, the function of halving loaves and the possibility to bring the blade automatically into the cleaning position. The VARIUS is completely accessible from the front side. The front flap can be easily removed for the cleaning process. As it is the case for all TREIF-bread slicers – there is no need of blade lubrication.
Table-top machine with high flexibility: SIRIUS
As a table-top machine, the Universal bread slicer SIRIUS does not only impress with its high slicing quality and compact dimensions, it impresses in particular with its robust design and sophisticated hygiene design. Drive and control are hermetically separated from the slicing area. The feed system has been completely designed on the basis of hygiene aspects to prevent contamination inside the machine.
The machine processes bread with a length of up to 350 mm. The table-top model, which is also perfect for mobile shops (mobile bakery), has 10 slice thicknesses between 4 and 14 mm. Halving of breads is done automatically by the machine. The start-stop-function can also be used to cut individual slices.
Quality assurance by own blade production
The blades for the bread slicers are all made by TREIF in its own blade-  manufacturing department. TREIF is the only manufacturer of bread slicers that manufactures the blades itself (so-called "nanoBlades"). This guarantees the consistent quality of the blade and its optimum adjustment to the machine and thus a clean slicing result.

Source: Treif Maschinenbau