Vanillin, Natural and On Trend

The food industry is looking to meet increasing consumer demand for natural ingredients and healthier products. With Rhovanil® Natural, Solvay provides a unique solution that enables manufacturers to easily incorporate natural vanillin in their recipes.

Where does vanilla come from? Originally from vanilla beans, of course. But today, vanilla bean production only represents 1% of the global demand for vanillin, so manufacturers have no choice but to use industrially-produced vanilla extract substitutes. Historically, Solvay has always had a leading position in this market. In fact, the company’s ancestor Rhône Poulenc was the first to successfully synthesize an artificial equivalent to the precious molecule, in the late 19th century, in France.

Today, when manufacturers are actively looking for solutions that will help them meet the “clean label challenge” – exhibiting simpler and additive-free ingredient lists that can satisfy the customers’ growing thirst for natural products – replacing artificial vanillin with a natural vanilla extract substitute is becoming a key competitive advantage. Given the importance and omnipresence of vanillin in products ranging from baked goods to chocolate, dairy to confectionery, natural vanillin is a crucial ingredient in order to meet clean label criteria.

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