Veg-Based Patisserie: These 4 Factors Drive its Popularity

In spring 2021 Taste Tomorrow data revealed that vegetable-based sweet patisserie was trending online. And in the most recent Taste Tomorrow data, veg-based patisserie turns out to still be the most striking trend globally. There seem to be 4 key drivers behind this trend. Discover why veg-based sweet patisserie is so popular and get inspired by some deliciously-looking examples.

Vegetable-based patisserie: the largest social trend globally

The latest Taste Tomorrow data reveal that veg-based patisserie is the largest social trend globally. It was already gaining traction for some time, but the pandemic clearly drove a rise in vegetable-based baking. 

The data show that the trend is fairly stable in all languages, but there are regional differences in the factors driving the trend. For example, we see Asian markets incorporating veggies to add color and visual vibrance. And we see South American cultures adopting vegetables into traditional celebratory recipes. 

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