Veg-Based Sweet Patisserie: The New Star of the Bakery Sector?

Taste Tomorrow’s ongoing semantic AI research shows that there is a lot of searching and talking going on online about vegetable-based sweet patisserie. What exactly does this veg-based patisserie trend entail, and how can the bakery sector respond to it?

How research leads to insights 

With Taste Tomorrow, Puratos offers a foodstep into the future by tracking the evolution of trends and unveiling new ones. In this proprietary research program, we combine different sorts of research to provide in-depth insights into global and local consumer behaviours, attitudes and choices in the world of bakery, patisserie and chocolate. 

We question more than 17.000 consumers in 40 countries, talk with 80 foodies in trend-setting cities, do sensorial research, interview customers and industry experts and continuously monitor trends by combining the latest digital technologies and semantic artificial intelligence techniques. 

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