Western Bagel Transforms Classic Bagels Into Low-Carb, Protein-Rich Options

LOS ANGELES — Western Bagel began its journey in 1947 when the company opened the first bagel bakery in Los Angeles and since then has grown into 11 locations throughout Southern California, supplying a wide variety of markets/retailers, and also transforming the way we think about bagels by offering low-carb and protein-rich options.

With over 70 years of experience in the bagel world and also being focused on customers – understanding what exactly they’re looking for – Western Bagel is excited about its line of  health-conscious bagels that have been gaining traction since they were first launched in 2002.

Fast-forward to today, Western Bagel has seen a spike in people wanting healthier options, especially when looking to buy online, and the company’s Alternative and Perfect 10 bagels are trending now.

Western Bagel is on a mission to deliver the classics we all know and love while also catering to the emerging market of customers that live active lifestyles yet still crave bagels. And giving them the ability to order online then have bagels shipped directly to their doors.

For more information on the history of Western Bagel, visit the following link: https://westernbagel.com/our-story/

Known as “The Bagel That Won The West,” Western Bagel has become a global leader in the bagel space with retail locations in California, wholesale accounts throughout the world, and an online store that’s bringing the bagel experience directly to your door.