What Is West Virginia’s Signature Dessert?

We know the pepperoni roll is the unofficial state food of West Virginia.

The savory snack has roots in our coal mining history, so it’s a natural fit as our culinary totem. Not to mention, it’s the ultimate crowd-pleaser with its versatile ability to be a full meal or roadtrip companion. Wedding favor or ballpark food. Bakery staple or school lunch. It’s everywhere.

But when the sweet tooth comes calling, how do West Virginians answer? What is West Virginia’s sweet treat equivalent of the pepperoni roll? Is there a dessert that is deeply ingrained in our culture?

It has to be something iconic and found all over the state. Maybe something made from fruits that are grown in West Virginia or maybe a saccharine dish that you can find at celebrations. Or maybe just something that elicits fond memories.

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