WHO Study Confirms that Diets High in Fiber Lower People’s Chances of Heart Disease

BIG SANDY, MONT. – The World Health Organization (WHO) recently released the results of a study that comprises 50 years of research on dietary fiber and confirmed that a higher consumption of it, which can be found in whole grain cereals, pasta, bread, among others, have greater benefits to protect against cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and colorectal and breast cancer. According to the study, similar findings for whole grain consumption were observed. The “implementation of recommendations to increase dietary fiber intake and to replace refined grains with whole grains is expected to benefit human health,” the report indicated.

The news was welcomed by KAMUT International, a company dedicated for over 30 years to protecting and preserving the exceptional qualities of its ancient grain KAMUT® khorasan wheat for the benefit of all those who are interested in high quality, healthy food. “At Kamut we have long worked to ensure high nutritional standards and the results of this study are encouraging for the future of whole grains,” said Trevor Blyth, Kamut International CEO.

Khorasan wheat sold under the KAMUT® brand name guarantees that the grain has been organically grown and is the pure and unmodified ancient khorasan wheat. It is very high in fiber (10.67g), protein (14.39g) and many minerals, especially selenium, zinc and magnesium, compared to modern wheat, and contains high levels of antioxidants as well as lipids, which makes it a ”high energy” grain.

*A previous study indicated that for those with clinical manifestation of cardiovascular disease the consumption of KAMUT® khorasan wheat products can significantly reduce key factors of cardiovascular risk compared to consumption of modern wheat products (read full text article https://www.mdpi.com/2072-6643/7/5/3401).

The findings of the WHO study contrast with low-carb diet trends and gives strong evidence that a high-fiber diet, according to the study we should be eating at least 25g to 29g a day, has protective effects against a wide range of diseases including diabetes, cardiovascular disease and cancer. The study found that among those who had a greater intake of fiber, there was a 15-30% decrease in deaths from all causes, including cardiovascular diseases. Fiber is found in “good” carbohydrates such as wholegrain bread and oat-based muesli. Professor Jim Mann is the researcher that led the study at the University of Otago in New Zealand. It included 135 million people-years of data from 185 prospective studies and 58 clinical trials with 4,635 adult participants.

“People have heard before about the health benefits of ancient grains, but the results of studies continue to accumulate and confirm the need to incorporate whole grains foods into daily diets,” explains Bob Quinn, PhD, organic farmer and founder of KAMUT International. “The gluten-free trend gave wheat a bad rap over the past couple of years but that is all changing. With the exception of people with celiac disease who should never eat wheat, there is a shift away from the ‘gluten-free’ trend towards eating more wholesome foods and an understanding about the difference between ancient grains and modern wheat, which typically sacrifices taste, digestibility and nutritional value for higher yields.”

The WHO study reinforces the need of a balanced dietary pattern that assures mid-and-long term benefits. Ancient grains like KAMUT® khorasan wheat have long been recognized for their positive effect on health and the important role they play in an everyday diet that follows the basics of the Mediterranean diet.

About KAMUT® Brand Khorasan Wheat 
The mission of Kamut International is to promote organic agriculture and support organic farmers, to increase diversity of crops and diets, and to protect the heritage of a high quality, delicious, and healthy ancient grain for the benefit of this and future generations. KAMUT® is a trademark of Kamut International, which guarantees high quality standards that are verified by tests from every field.