Wholesalers and Retail Customers Keep San Diego Bakers Busy

In 2020, after four years of being a wholesale vendor, Clairemont-headquartered Gluten Free Baking Co. will open its first retail site — in the North Park/University Heights area. The impetus behind that decision, according to founder and lead recipe developer Roanna Canete, is consumer demand.

“We are getting such a ridiculous amount of responses from people wanting to buy bread directly from us or cakes for birthday parties or needing a dozen donuts,” said Canete. “I analyzed our gluten-free cake sales (based on orders off the company’s website), which is a retail item. The first year, sales accounted for 2% of revenue. This year, it is 12% of the revenue. That is a really good marker for us for the retail shop. That growth is from people ordering cakes, not people on the wholesale side.”

Revenue Gains

Founded in 2015, Gluten Free Baking Co.’s revenue in 2017 was $49,000. That number doubled in 2018, said Canete, and then doubled again in 2019.

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