Wonder Bread CEO Cutting Ties With NRA, Conservative Companies Is A Satirical Meme 

The chief executive officer of Wonder Bread cutting ties with the National Rifle Association and other conservative companies is a satirical meme. There is no truth behind a meme claiming that bread company’s CEO had made the decision to terminate relationships with the NRA and other conservative companies following the most recent high school shooting.

Where did this satirical meme originate? The America’s Last Line of Defense posted the false meme on May 21, 2018, asserting that the CEO of Flower Foods, which is the parent company of Wonder Bread, announced that his company ceased dealing with the NRA and other conservative companies.

The meme read:

“CEO of Flower Foods, (Wonder Bread) Lamont Cranston: ‘We have ceased any dealings with the N.R.A. as well as all other conservative companies. We feel America’s children are more important than gun wielding maniacs.”

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