Gluten-Free Certification Received By Fabe’s All Natural Bakery

Fabe’s Naturally Sweetened Desserts Provide Selections for Individuals with
Many Special Dietary Needs. These include Gluten-Free Desserts, Vegan Desserts,
Dairy Free Desserts and Organic Desserts. Fabe’s Proudly Announces Gluten-Free
Certification of Their Gluten-Free Desserts.

Center’s Bakers Earn Master’s In Science Of Yeast

Mark Miller, the baking manager at the Red Star Yeast/Lesaffre Baking Center, knows far more about yeast than most bakers need to know. But his
expertise is helping to guarantee that the rest of us can bake a better loaf of

Sara Lee Buys Back $500 Million In Shares

March 2, 2010 Brad Dorfman, Reuters

Sara Lee Corp (SLE.N) plans to quickly repurchase $500 million of its shares
using the funds from the pending sale of its household and body-care businesses.

ABA Launches Grassroots Action Center

The American Bakers Association (ABA) today launches an exciting new era of
political involvement communications with its newly released members-only
grassroots action center

Whole Foods Promoting High-Carb Diet?

There have been some ruffled feathers in the low-carb community about the
recent launch of a new “healthy eating” program at Whole Foods Markets which has
been dubbed “Health Starts Here”.