IDDBA Expo Nearly Sold Out!

Economic leaders predict an upswing later this year but IDDBA exhibitors aren’t
waiting! They’re poised to be in position to jump start their sales with new
product introductions, new marketing plans, and new incentives for buyers and

Grocery Chains And Feeding America Solving Low Food Security

One in eight Americans received emergency food in 2009, up 46 percent from 2006. In the Tampa Bay area it’s one in six, up 27 percent from 2006 and far worse than the one in 10 who needed food assistance in 2002. So on top of canned and dry goods, Feeding America locally added perishables to its service to get more protein. The nonprofit reorganized to gather produce and day-old baked goods from a growing list of chains from Aldi to Walmart.

A Tulsa Woman Is Behind A Bill To Legalize Home Bakeries

As things stand now the only way for Susan Bohannon to profit from homemade goodies is to
become the baking equivalent of a bootlegger. Legally, Oklahoma home bakers have to meet
the same prohibitively expensive standards as a commercial kitchen.

Dr. Siegal’s COOKIE DIET Receives GNC Award

March 8, 2010 Dr. Siegal's COOKIE DIET

Dr. Siegal’s Direct Nutritionals, LLC, the global
distributor of Dr. Siegal’s COOKIE DIET brand products, received this year’s
Rising Star award in the Diet & Energy category at the 2010 GNC Vendor Awards
held at the 21st Annual Arnold Classic multi-sport event in Columbus, Ohio. The
Rising Star award recognizes vendors new to GNC whose products have shown
significant initial sales at GNC stores and

Tony Hawk’s SkateCake At Crumbs Will Help Build Skate Parks

Tony Hawk has paired up with Crumbs Bake Shop to create the SkateCake, a signature
cupcake that is made of chocolate cake with baked-in sprinkles, and topped with
vanilla cream cheese frosting, red and white sprinkles, and an edible skateboard
designed by Hawk. The proceeds from sales of the SkateCake will aid the Tony Hawk Foundation.