The Best Pond-Scum Cookie You’ll Ever Taste

March 29, 2010 Bryan Walsh, TIME

All-natural algae. That’s right, the next generation of diet foods to reach your plate could be made from those single-celled organisms that float on stagnant ponds, courtesy of the South San Francisco biofuel start-up Solazyme. Using the algae-derived flour they are able to make cookies, snack drinks, dipping sauces and more all with less fat and calories and more protein than conventional food.

A Tale Of Two Cookie Mixes

A few weeks ago a catalog from the King Arthur Flour folks fell out of my mailbox. Don’t ask why I found myself curious about a new cookie mix the company was featuring, but I did. But a box mix? Maybe. I logged on, spent about five minutes on the company’s website and just two days later it was sitting in my kitchen. That was easy. Turns out, so was making them

Kids Learn Firsthand That Matzah Is More Than Flour And Water

Jewish centers around the world took a hands-on approach to prepping people
for Passover, offering children and adults alike the chance to get down and
dirty with flour and water and learn how to make the special unleavened bread
known as matzah.

Warwick, NY Shoprites Featuring Jen’s Homemade Cookies

Kickboxing baker Jennifer Weiss says that exercise and healthy lifestyle do tie in perfectly with how she creates her homemade baked goods from scratch, using fresh healthy ingredients and rolling the dough by hand. A Warwick, NY ShopRite began featuring Jens Cookies on February 20th. Weiss hopes that Jens Cookies and other baked goods may one day be on the shelves of many ShopRite stores and other outlets such as Club KO, which carries Eco-Crunch in bar form.

Athena’s Silverland Desserts Now Distributed In 4 States

March 26, 2010 Silverland Desserts

Athenas Silverland Desserts is pleased to
announce six of its best selling dessert bars and brownies are now available
through BakeMark in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin and certain areas in