Omega-9 Shortening The HEALTHIER Ingredient Solution For Food Manufacturers

July 28, 2010 Dow AgroSciences

Dow AgroSciences has developed Omega-9 Oils Ingredient Solutions to help the consumer packaged food industry produce healthier solutions. Derived from the same Omega-9 Canola Oil used by the food service industry around the world, Omega-9 Oils Ingredient Solutions have evolved to include new shortening and spray-oil solutions. Omega-9 Oils Ingredient Solutions are ideal for food manufacturers looking to eliminate trans fat and reduce saturated fat without compromising food quality, functionality or performance.

Bread Is Focus Of Conference, Fair

The fourth annual Kneading Conference is set to open Thursday with two days of lectures, workshops and hands-on demonstrations on the life of bread, from grain to grist mill to kitchen table.

Kraft Foods Announces Plans To Double The Amount Of Whole Grain In Nabisco Crackers

July 27, 2010 Kraft Foods

Kraft Foods announced plans today to significantly increase the whole grain content in its leading Nabisco cracker brands, more than doubling the amount of whole grain currently used across the Nabisco portfolio.

Ethanol Byproduct Enhancing Flatbreads’ Nutrition

July 27, 2010 Dick Lammers, Bloomberg

South Dakota State University researchers have been cooking up versions of Asian flatbreads that are higher in protein and fiber by substituting dried distillers grains for up to 20 percent of the flour.

The Future Of Gluten-Free: New Market Report Published

Consumers who are completely intolerant to gluten consumption have celiac disease. They require a special diet where products are not made using wheat-based ingredients. The prevalence of celiac disease is growing, due in part to better diagnoses. As the number of potential consumers rises, products manufactured to fit in with their requirements are becoming more sophisticated.