A Lesson In The Art Of Bread Making

An artisan is a craftsman, someone who produces handmade goods using as little machinery as possible. The goal for a craftsman is not making money or attaining a big, glamorous lifestyle. His goal is to deliver an honest product made with honest ingredients and intentions.

Trans Fat Ban Gives Albany County Bakers A Bad Taste

August 12, 2010 Bill Lambdin, WNYT

Following the lead of New York City, Albany County has banned trans fats in restaurants and bake shops. Restaurants seem to be dealing with the changes, but bakers have resisted — arguing the ban is changing the taste and texture of products, especially cakes.

Fresh Baked Goods In The US

August 12, 2010 Companies and Markets.com

US consumers have been caught in an economic freefall over the past two years, but the crisis appears to be nearing an end. However, the significant changes in attitudes and behaviors brought about by these recessionary pressures persist, with consumers continuing to rethink what value means and monitor spending carefully

Braintree, MA Wholesale Bakery Plans Crosstown Move

Andrea and Valentina Piluska of Braintree, the owners of Brians Fine Desserts on Elm Street, hope to move their business to 22 Quincy Ave. 80 percent of the business is wholesale, with sales to supermarkets and hotels. Brians Fine Desserts also makes cakes to order for other customers and has a small, walk-in business.

Suzanne’s Sweets Rugelach Now Available At QVC.Com

August 11, 2010 Suzanne's Sweets

The best desserts are always conceived in Mom’s kitchen. Following in that time honored family tradition, Suzanne’s Sweets emerged from a personal challenge to bake a mouthwatering light and flaky Rugelach, packed with love and flavor for her children. Quickly becoming a desired dessert among family and friends, her delicious treats were soon a top request at local coffee shops, caterers and retail stores.