Bill Kristol & Eugene Robinson to Headline ABA PAC Dinner

In recent years the PAC Dinner has become the premiere event of the ABA Convention. This year hopes to continue that success with keynote speakers Bill Kristol & Eugene Robinson.

EarthGrains Brand’s “Plot To Save The Earth”

February 2, 2010 EarthGrains Bread

EarthGrains Bread is the first brand to offer Eco-Grain wheat grown in partnership with Horizon Milling using innovative farming practices that promote sustainable land use.

FDA Petitioned To Increase Allowed Vitamin D

A petition from Lallemand, Inc. to amend US food additive regulations by increasing the safe limit of vitamin D in yeast-raised baked foods was reported by the Food and Drug Administration in The Federal Register of 17 December.

Flowers Foods Adding To Nature’s Own line

Flowers Foods Inc. this week introduced Natures Own Sandwich Rounds. Available in 100% whole wheat and healthy multi-grain varieties.

Artisan Bakery Plans Expansion With Help From Mali Native

Artisan baker Alou Niangadou has built quite a reputation and his repertoire of more than 400 products has a Chattanooga bakery positioning for potential retail and wholesale customers.