Ridgewood, NJ Bakery Tries To Build A Better Bagel

Wide World of Bagels hand rolls bagels for every
occasion. The Ridgewood stores shamrock-shaped bagels, which they make
throughout the month of March, are its best sellers.

Recipes To Transform Day-Old Bread

March 16, 2010 Staff Reporter, MSNBC

Wondering how to best utilize your day-old bread? Chef Jose Andres shares his
quick and flavorful recipes for a deliciously easy dinner. Learn how to make
bread and garlic soup as well as bread with oyster mushrooms and Spanish ham.

Nostalgic Cupcake Craze Is Prepared For Long Stay

Tiny, tasty and seductive, the gourmet cupcake is strengthening its hold over
dessert lovers with specialty bakeries spreading over the region’s real estate
— and waistlines.

BSU Grads Finding Success With New Baking Pan

Matt Griffin was a young bachelor just trying to figure out how to bake some brownies when he hit on an idea that has really cooked. Griffin’s idea was a better baking pan for brownies. His goal was to cook every piece of the popular comfort food so that none of it is left undercooked or gooey in the center.

Tasty Baking Shows Off New Digs

The plan for the 350,000-square-foot bakery and warehouse was announced in May
2007, and the project was paid for with the help of $31 million in publicly
subsidized financing. Tasty’s total cost is a huge bet for a firm whose market
value was just $60 million yesterday. The company moved its headquarters to a
nearby building in April 2009.