GFN Foods, LLC Voluntarily Recalls Gluten-Free Flours And Baking Mixes

March 17, 2010 FDA

Gluten-Free Flours And Baking Mixes manufactured by GFN Foods, are being recalled because they have the potential to be contaminated with Salmonella. The FDA and Thumb Oilseed Producers Cooperative of Ubly, MI found traces of salmonella in Thumb Oilseed’s

Cafe Valley Bakery Reveals Plans For New Phoenix Plant

Commercial baker Cafe Valley Bakery has announced plans for a new $40 million plant in Phoenix that will create 200 jobs and enable the 28-year-old business to more than
triple its production and sales.

Bakehouse Drives Growth For Scholars Inn

By handing out fresh, hand-made bagels, breads and pastries, Bloomington-based
Scholars Inn has grown beyond its bed-and-breakfast roots into a substantial
wholesale bakery.

The Return Of ‘Amy’s Bread’

March 17, 2010 Bill Pitcher, The Record

Amys Bread, the iconic Manhattan bakery whose original “Amys Bread” cookbook
has been out of print for years, is back in the publishing business, with a
revised edition featuring recipes and techniques that will put artisan bread
within your reach.

Books Rise To The Task

“People who have never baked bread are getting into it,” said Eric Kastel, a senior manager of bakery development for Panera Bread. He also teaches breadmaking classes at Panera stores around the country. Kastel wants to show people that with knowledge and quality ingredients, they can turn out breads that rival those made by professionals.