CPI For Baked Goods, Cereals Gains 3.2% In 2009

The Consumer Price Index for baked foods and cereal products posted its 14th consecutive year of higher prices in 2009, advancing 3.2%.

APC Crisco National Pie Championships April 23-25

January 19, 2010 American Pie Council

Amateur pie makers, professional bakers/chefs & commercial pie companies from around the country & Canada have been competing since 1995 in the APC Crisco National Pie Championships.

The 2010 Great American Pie Festival Sponsored By Crisco

January 19, 2010 American Pie Council

Celebration, Florida will once again become the Pie Capital of the World April 25th and 26th when thousands of pie lovers, tasters and bakers large and small gather together for the Great American Pie Festival.

Cookie Dough Shortage Possible As Nestle Uses Anti-E. Coli Treatment

January 18, 2010 Elizabeth Weise, USA Today

Nestl announced Wednesday that it will begin using heat-treated flour in
its refrigerated doughs, a move intended to make Nestl refrigerated cookie doughs even safer, but that may result in a temporary shortage of the popular tubes.

Robust King Cake Sales Are Good For The Bakery Business

The traditional start for the king cake season is Jan. 6, Kings Day, also called Twelfth Night or the Epiphany. With a slightly longer season between Christmas and Mardi Gras this year compared to last year, King Cake business seems to be looking up.