Couverture Chocolate Manufacturing Plant Project Report 2023: Business Plan, Manufacturing Process, and Cost Analysis

September 22, 2023 Syndicated Analytics

Couverture chocolate is a luxurious and versatile ingredient that is highly prized by professional chocolatiers and pastry chefs.

David’s Cookies issues Allergen Alert on Undeclared Peanuts in “Cake”

September 21, 2023 FDA

David’s Cookies is recalling 960 units of “Marketside Chocolate Chip Explosion Cake” lot # BS23212 that has been sold in Walmart retail stores across the country.

Heat Meets Sweet: Explore the Swicy Flavor Trend in Patisserie and Chocolate

September 21, 2023 Puratos Taste Tomorrow

A sweet chocolate bar with fiery chili or a fruity peach pie with surprising heat from jalapeno. Swicy is literally the hottest flavor trend in patisserie and chocolate right now. Although the flavor combinations might be surprising, the trend itself isn’t as 65% of consumers worldwide now want to try combinations of tastes which are unusual at first. Swicy perfectly hits that spot. 

Puratos Unveils New Trends, Shaping the Future of Bakery, Sweet Goods and Chocolate in North America

September 20, 2023 Puratos

Puratos, a leading ingredients innovator in the bakery, sweet goods and chocolate industry unveiled industry trends and consumer preferences at its two-day conference, Taste Tomorrow 2023, held in Austin, September 19 and 20. Using cutting-edge data science and AI to transform raw data into actionable insights, Puratos identified the latest industry and consumer trends: the “tech-inspired” revolution, “classics continued” and “fusion flavors,” “gut feeling,” and “plant forward.”

Thomas’ Celebrates National Public Lands Day with Third Annual Volunteer Trail Cleanup Event

September 20, 2023 Bimbo Bakeries USA

For the third consecutive year, the Thomas’® brand, creators and bakers of the original Nooks & Crannies® English Muffins, is proud to announce its continued partnership with non-profit organization, Forest Park Conservancy. Thomas’ will host a volunteer-fueled trail cleanup event taking place on National Public Lands Day (September 23, 2023) to further showcase the brand’s commitment to environmental conservation. Volunteers in the Portland, Oregon area are invited to join Thomas’ in the great outdoors to preserve and beautify nature’s Nooks & Crannies.