Tofte, Bramble Join Bread Bakers Guild of America Board

December 10, 2009 Staff Reporter, Bakers Journal

The Bread Bakers Guild of America has elected two experienced and talented baking professionals to to three-year terms beginning in January.

General Mills Launches Consumer Website Of Gluten-free Foods & Recipes

December 9, 2009 General Mills

In reposnse to heavy consumer inquiry, General Mills has launched, giving them 24/7 access to information about General Mills gluten-free products.

Apple Skin May Boost Fiber In Baking Applications

A study published in the Journal of Food Quality states that adding dried apple skin powder could boost the fiber content of baked goods without detrimentally affecting the sensory profile.

Bioexx Says Canola Protein Has Self-Affirmed GRAS Status

Canada’s Bioexx has announced it has that it has completed the self-affirmation process to qualify its specialty canola protein isolate Isolexx as self-affirmed GRAS (Generally Regarded as Safe) for use in baked goods and other food products. Isolexxs good emulsion and foam capacity together with its high solubility means it should perform very well for many baking applications requiring foam stability in the presence of fats in addition to increasing volume and loft.

Artimex: At The Heart Of Mexican Pastry

Artimex Mexican Bakery, begun 22 years ago, is now a $40 million enterprise. The Hispanic market is growing throughout the US, and Artimex positioned itself as a leader to capture the authenticity of taste, appearance and variety.