Dreyers’s Ice Cream Mentioned In FDA Warning On Product Claims

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration warned 16 food and beverage makers
against making product claims that don’t adhere strictly to federal labeling
rules. One of the products specifically mentioned was Dreyer’s Ice Cream.

Tiny Tot Snags Win In Mikawaya Mochi Ice Cream Video Contest

March 4, 2010 Mikawaya

Mikawaya USA today announced the winners of the Mochi Ice Cream
video contest. First place goes to Marco DeCapite, father of tiny tot Mia
DeCapite, whose adorable, Mochi-muffled performance won 5,770 votes.

Stamey Farms To Build Yogurt Plant In Statesville, NC

Stamey Farms is partnering with Ecuador’s leading yogurt producer to build a
$7.5 million yogurt plant and develop a line of yogurts for distribution
throughout the Southeast.

Gelato Is A Fine Italian Art

Gelato is made from milk and not cream, and, in a nutshell, is slowly cooked with flavorings like fresh fruit, nut pastes or chocolate, creating a rich, deep and dense frozen concoction. It is creamier and has half the fat of ice cream, and is infinitely more delicious.

Faith Blum: Raw Milk Is A Healthy Alternative

Raw milk may not be for everyone, but I believe we should have the choice to buy
it. Doing otherwise would be like saying that you cannot buy any peanuts because
some people are allergic and they sometimes contain E. coli. That would be