Guernsey Farms Dairy Offering Tasting Of New Probiotic Milk Line

Test Guernsey Farms Dairy’s new line of probiotic milk and its other products at a Taste Fest, 2-4 p.m., Saturday, May 1, at the dairy, 21300 Novi Road, between Eight Mile and Nine Mile in Detroit, MI.

Cheese And Yogurt, Fresh From The Sheep

Sheeps milk cheese is less well known in the United States than cheeses made with cows or goats milk, but a handful of farms are working to change that with some wonderful products. One of the best is in Columbia County: Old Chatham Sheepherding Company.

Breyers Yogurt Company Appoints James W. Nolan As CEO

Breyers Yogurt Company, LLC (“Breyers” or “the Company”) today announced that James W. Nolan has been appointed Chief Executive Officer. He succeeds Chuck Marcy, who has decided to leave the Company to pursue outside interests.

U.N. Report: California Dairies Lead World With Lowest Carbon Footprint

April 28, 2010 Dairy Cares

U.S. dairy farms, including California dairies, have the worlds lowest emissions of
climate-changing greenhouse gases, according to a report released today by the United Nations.

Study: No Nutritional Difference Between Organic & Conventional Milk

A study published in The Journal Of Dairy Science finds differences in the quality or nutritional content between rbST-free or organic and conventional milk were minor and of no physiological importance when considering public health or dietary recommendations.