Jordin Sparks To Appear In Milk Mustache Campaign

American Idol winner and recording artist Jordin Sparks and the U.S. milk processors industry are urging teens to drink milk in the latest got milk? campaign.

Dannon Settles False Advertising Lawsuit Over Activia, DanActive Yogurt

As a result of a class-action lawsuit, a $35-million refund program has been established for customers who bought Activia and DanActive yogurts that will pay up to $100 per customer, the company also agreed to make changes to the labeling and advertising of Activia and DanActive.

Food Marketing To Children Still Under Government Review

The Federal Trade Commission announced it will conduct a follow-up study to its 2008 study of food marketing to children and adolescents. The FTC will gather information from 45 major food, beverage and quick-service restaurant companies that sell food in certain categories, including frozen and chilled desserts and dairy products. FTC is seeking comments regarding the information-collection process before taking further action.

Discover Lavort Cheese: A Meaty, Modern Marvel

Inside, it may smell like a cave filled with aging sausage, and on the outside look like its been made since the days of Charlemagne, but in fact it is a modern creation, devised by a 15-year-old dairy in France’s Auvergne region. The taste: pretty wonderful.

Review Claims rbST Milk Is Eco-Friendly And Safe

A review of the scientific data on rbST has said that rbST is one example of the kinds of efficient food production practices that will help feed the world in the future. Adding: The composition of all milk organic, rbST-free and conventional is indistinguishable.