Lifeway Foods Introduces New 3.5-oz. ‘BioKefir’ Shots: To Your Health!

July 23, 2010 Lifeway Foods

Lifeway Foods, Inc., the leading U.S. supplier of healthy Kefir beverages, today announced the launch of new probiotic 3.5-oz. Lifeway BioKefir shots specifically designed to support immunity, heart health and digestion. Sold in four-packs with just 60 calories each, the new super-powered Kefir drinks will be available in five flavors with more than 20 billion units of live and active probiotic activity.

Term ‘Milk’ Has More To Do With Color, Consistency Than Nutrition

If you’ve strolled past the dairy case lately, you might have noticed that it has grown to ranch-size proportions. Dozens of products are labeled “milk,” and they spill over onto the nonrefrigerated shelves.

Arla Expands Production In America

July 23, 2010 Arla

Arla is expanding its dairy in Hollandtown, Wisconsin to match American consumers growing interest in premium class quality cheese. The expansion will be completed in early summer 2011 and is set to boost sales.

Raw Milk Worth Risks? Enthusiasts Drink Up Despite Warnings From FDA

July 23, 2010 Aina Hunter, CBS News

Raw milk enthusiasts are going to keep drinking their milk pretty much straight from the cow, it seems. Even in states like Maryland and Alaska, where the pure stuff has been driven underground as an unintended effect of legislation.

Blue Bell Ice Cream Breaks Ground On North Charleston Facility

Blue Bell Creameries has broken ground on a new 2,000-square foot facility in North Charleston, SC.