Darigold Donates Dairy To Help Feed Those Displaced By White Swan Fire

February 25, 2011 Darigold, Inc.

Darigold, Inc. and the more than 550 dairy farm families that collectively own the Seattle-based dairy cooperative have donated much needed dairy products to help feed those affected by the White Swan fire. The donation of more than 400 pounds of cheese, 390 pounds of butter and more than 1,000 bottles of Darigold milk was delivered to the Toppenish Armory on Monday, February 21.

DHA Omega-3 Illegal? Really?

Theres been some chatter over the past few days regarding a recent claim that the DHA Omega-3 our Horizon brand uses in a few of our milk products is a prohibited or illegal substance. Thats a very strong accusation. Its also not true. The USDA has not banned the use of plant-based DHA in organic milk, nor has it questioned the safety of the ingredient.

Dairy Proteins Enhance Muscle Growth After Exercise, Research Shows

A recent review of the latest science examining the impact of dietary protein and strength training on muscle growth is featured in the January research report from the National Dairy Council. The review concluded that not all proteins are created equal. Dairy proteins, especially whey protein, enhance muscle growth when consumed after strength-training exercise.

Blue Bell Ice Cream Coming To Colorado

Texas-based Blue Bell Ice Cream announced it will open a Colorado distribution center in Englewood on March 14 to sell its products in 36 communities statewide, including the Northern Colorado region.

King Kullen Launches NuValTM Nutritional Scoring System On Milk, Yogurt

February 24, 2011 King Kullen Grocery Co., Inc.

King Kullen Grocery Co., Inc. (Bethpage, NY) has launched the NuValTM Nutritional Scoring System in all 45 of its Long Island and Staten Island locations. Known as Americas First Supermarket, King Kullen is the first supermarket chain in the New York metropolitan area to partner with NuVal, a national nutrition firm based in Braintree, Massachusetts.