IDFA Launches Website To Help Fight Milk Crate Losses

The International Dairy Foods Association recently launched, an edgy Web site designed to raise awareness among consumers about the sustainable value of milk crates, the theft of which costs Milk companies nearly $100 million annually.

Smith Brothers Farms Adds The Greek Gods Yogurt To Its Product Offering

November 11, 2009 The Greek Gods

Independent retail delivery companies continue to make strides as The Greek Gods Yogurt partners announced that its yogurt will be now be carried by Smith Brothers Farms, a thriving dairy and home delivery service that brings quality products to more than 40,000 customers in Puget Sound.

Full Fat Milk Could Be Linked To Low BMI

November 10, 2009 Jane Byrne, Food

A University of Gothenburg researcher found children who consumed full fat milk regularly had a lower body mass index (BMI) compared to those who seldom or never drank milk.

Small Dairy Price Changes Ease Pain

Recent analysis by Dairy Management Inc. determined price increases of milk in the retail sector are best managed with a gradual strategy: smaller, more frequent increases, and that branded gallon milk sales are more price-sensitive than private label sales.

Coffee Creamer Wins Best Health & Wellness Product At Kosherfest 2009

November 6, 2009 Green Rabbit, LLC

Green Rabbit, LLC, manufacturer of MimicCreme, announced that it is the recipient of the Kosherfest 2009 Best New Product in the Health & Wellness category for its Coffee Creamer, an all-natural non-dairy, non-soy cream substitute made from a wholesome blend of almonds and cashews. It is gluten free and 100% vegan.