The Skinny Cow Spreads The Love With New Mobile iPhone Game

June 11, 2010 The Skinny Cow

Love is all you need to play The Skinny Cow Spread the Love mobile game, developed exclusively for the iPod Touch, iPhone and iPad and available now. The Spread the Love mobile game features a courageous dachshund delivering tasty Skinny Cow snacks to her Skinny Cow-loving animal friends.

Sabra Dipping Company Launches A Nationwide Taste Intervention

Sabra Dipping Compan is breaking through the mundane and inspiring millions of Americans to expand their food horizons. The integrated campaign will begin with TV advertising and a national promotion featuring individuals in need of a “taste intervention” allowing Americans to rescue those most deserving. The campaign and all integrated elements online and offline will launch by June 7th, 2010.

Minilab Can Quickly Identify Antibiotic Residues It Milk, Before It Leaves The Barn

No one wants antibiotic residues in their milk. But antibiotics are sometimes used even in the dairy barn. The routine tests conducted nowadays take hours to produce a result and do not test for all of the typical antibiotics. This gap can now be closed, thanks to a fully automated minilab developed by scientists from the TUM in cooperation with the LMU Muenchen and gwk Praezisionstechnik GmbH.

New Blue Bell Flavor Is Vanilla Lovers’ Delight

Paul Kruse, president and CEO of Blue Bell, says this year marks the 30th anniversary of Cookies n Cream as a standard, year-round flavor for the company. Now Blue Bell has put a bit of a spin on the original and created Vanilla Cookies n Cream, a combination of vanilla ice cream and vanilla creme cookies.

Maine Organic Dairy Farmers Question Raw Milk Ban

Some organic dairy farmers in Maine are unhappy with a recent decision by the Organic Valley cooperative to ban the sale of unpasteurized, or raw milk. Twenty-two years after it was established to help save small family diaries and promote the consumption of more “natural” dairy products, Organic Valley is now telling its farmers they may no longer sell raw milk.