Review Claims rbST Milk Is Eco-Friendly And Safe

A review of the scientific data on rbST has said that rbST is one example of the kinds of efficient food production practices that will help feed the world in the future. Adding: The composition of all milk organic, rbST-free and conventional is indistinguishable.

Greek Yogurt Sales Exploding

During the past 10 years yogurt sales have tripled, according to yogurt maker Fage, but Greek-style yogurt sales have increased 50 percent in the past year, according to information from the natural, organic and specialty food industry.

Shatto Milks Chocolate Milk Is Ranked In Top Three At World Dairy Expo

Shatto Milk Co.s Whole Chocolate Milk was named as one of the top three chocolate milks at the World Dairy Expo this month.

Boulder Valley School District Contracts For Organic Milk

Organic milk enthusiasts continue to score victories as the Boulder Valley School District has contracted with a cooperative of farms to supply organic milk to the districts 28,000 students.

Jordin Sparks To Appear In Milk Mustache Campaign

American Idol winner and recording artist Jordin Sparks and the U.S. milk processors industry are urging teens to drink milk in the latest got milk? campaign.