IDFA: Retail Price Trends Anything But Normal In 2009

The average Consumer Price Index for All Items in 2009 declined 0.31 percent, the first year-to-year decline since 1955.

Aged Sheep’s Milk Ombra: A ‘Ros’ By Another Name

If you are looking for the finest cheeses Spain has to offer, Catalonia is the
place to go. We can certainly thank Catalonia for Ombra.

Pairing Trend In Beer, Cheese Gains Nationwide Momentum

As the fine food movement continues to gain momentum in the United States, consumers are eager to try other food pairings, and one quickly gaining popularity nationwide is pairing craft beer with artisan cheese.

Should Middle-Aged Guys Who Rarely Drink Milk Take Calcium?

The recommended daily allowance of calcium in men which is 1,000 mg for men age 19-50 and 1,200 mg for men older than 50.

Dean Foods’ Dairy Biz Moves To Leo Burnett Worldwide

February 3, 2010 David Gianatasio, AdWeek

Dean Foods’ Fresh Dairy Direct unit has tapped Leo Burnett in Chicago as its
lead creative agency following a review.