Research And Markets: Global Cheese Analogue Market 2009 Report

The rise of eating habits such as veganism and health considerations such as lactose intolerance among consumers and the increased functionality of cheese ingredients expected by food processors has led to this specialist niche category increasing its global footprint.

Maple Leaf Plant’s Problems Persisted After Listeria Find

November 11, 2009 The Canadian Press

Inspectors found a troubling lack of hygiene at the company’s Toronto facility.

Dee Dees Gourmet Cheese Straws Now Available Nationawide

The straws are made with high-quality aged real sharp cheddar cheese and a unique hand-blending process with special seasoning.

Land O’Lakes Reports Third-Quarter And Year-to-Date Sales And Earnings

November 6, 2009 Land O' Lakes Inc.

Year-to-date, the company reported net sales of $7.9 billion and net earnings of $159.8 million.

Sara Lee 1Q Profit Rises 23 Percent Though Sales Fall

November 6, 2009 Associated Press

Revenue declined 7 percent to $2.59 billion as it sold fewer products.