34 Degrees Launches Sweet Crisps

July 18, 2019 34 Degrees

34 Degrees has recently launched Sweet Crisps in resealable bags and now have national distribution at Walmart.

His $ 40M Cheese Company is Helping to Transform a Community

In 1991, Paul Scharfman quit his marketing job at Kraft Foods and took a leap of faith. His Specialty Cheese Company now produces 35 varieties of cheese, including Hispanic cheeses — like those used in quesadillas — under the La VacaRica brand, Indian cheese called ‘paneer’ and cheese used in Middle Eastern and Brazilian cuisines.

In a Pickle: Benefits of Fermented Cucumbers

July 17, 2019 Sandra Avant, USDA ARS

Research on potential health benefits of fermented foods has mainly focused on ingestion of live microorganisms and the subsequent probiotic effects. More recently, emphasis has been placed on health-promoting compounds called bioactive peptides, which are short chains of amino acids, found in fermented foods.

Pita Pal Foods, LP Recalls Various Hummus and Dips Due to Possible Health Risk

July 17, 2019 FDA

Pita Pal Foods, LP of Houston, TX has issued a voluntary recall of certain hummus products made between May 30, 2019 and June 25, 2019, due to concerns over Listeria monocytogenes, which was identified at the manufacturing facility (not in finished product) during an FDA inspection.

The Mushroom Benefit: Mushrooms and Benefits in a New Snack Product

The Mushroom Benefit Ltd., a mushroom based start up, is launching a new line of Umamis Crunchy Snacks, bringing exotic mushrooms to the snack aisles. These all-natural bites offer a delicious, on-the-go snack that leverages the health characteristics innately present in specialty mushrooms and granting consumers a guilt-free umami kick in four delicious flavors.